The costs for both Life Laundry and Life Coaching are:

Initial Consultation Fee:

I can visit you at your home or office. This meeting has no time limit,
allowing you to talk through any issues in your life which
you want to
address and how I can help. This initial consultation fee is £75.

Life Laundry sessions:

If you engage me for Life Laundry, we work on a minimum of a half-day session.
Each session, which is likely to involve practical de-cluttering is 4 hours in duration.
The cost of each half-day Life Laundry session is £150.

You can book these half-day sessions one at a time as you need them..

One to One Life Coaching sessions:

If you decide that you would like to undertake further one to one life
coaching sessions. The fee for each one hour session is £50.
These are face to face at a location convenient to you.

I also charge travel expenses of 50.

I always work to a jointly agreed action plan,
which can be written down and agreed or verbal. At every stage,
we will review our progress against the personal objectives you have set.
There is no written agreement or long term commitment required.

Any enquiries please Contact me
07816 790165

Claire Redhead