Life Laundry

After having Life laundry; I felt free and stream-lined. It has inspired me to
do the same for the rest of the families’ wardrobes. It was an extremely enjoyable
and cathartic experience, which I have recommended to many friends.
I am sure that it has helped me re-introduce flow into my life!

I never thought that clearing out my office would have such a positive
effect on my life. Look out, the rest of the house, you are next!

I now realise that my house was a mess my wardrobe was a shambles.
It was dragging me down and was the main reason for my low self esteem!.
Life Laundry has transformed, not only my house but how I feel about myself.

Life Coaching

We never realised how bad our relationship with other members of our
family had become and why, until you helped us work through it. Your support
and advice has quite simply transformed our lives and the
relationships we enjoy now could not be better. What more can I say!

Claire Redhead